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Cattamarra Redfish Belt

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A Tailing Redfish in the Grass

Just as the saltwater meets the south's Spartina grasses daily, our passion for tailing red's meets the daily high-tide. These fine specimen occupy coastal ranges from North Carolina to Texas and are known for their voracious appetite and signature black tail spot.

The painted art, which is raised about 1MM off the s View more...urface of the leather, in conjunction with the hand-painted red edges, creates noticeable texture and a unique look.

The bridled leather strap rewards regular use by softening and shaping to form, while the buckle is snapped in place and ready for an easy exchange with any other buckles you have.

Made in the USA.

Product Care

When purchasing one of our finely printed Cattamarra belts and wallets there are a few things to remember:

  1. Your belt should be 2 inches larger than your waist size. Ideally, the buckle should fit in the middle hole of the belt, which ensures even and consistent wear over the lifetime of the piece.

  2. If it won't fit easily, don't force it! Our 1.5" jean belts are made for jeans or pants with large belt loops; avoid putting this size belt through small loops on dress pants or chinos.

  3. Always remove your pants before removing your belt. Consistently ripping off the belt with pants still on can cause stretching and will wear out the leather faster. Slow removal is advised.

When purchasing one of our 100% organic t-shirts please be sure to wash inside out on cold and hang dry to avoid any unintended shrinking or cracking of the art.


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