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Tacky Fly Box: Flydrophobic-SD

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Tacky has always been very hesitant to build a waterproof fly box. The reason is simple. Waterproof fly boxes, as they existed prior the the Flydrophobic SD, only keep water out. We all know that we’ve put wet flies back in our boxes and thus effectively trapped moisture inside those boxes. To build a waterproof box Tacky knew they needed it to not only keep moisture out,  Ver más...but also needed the box to allow moisture to escape.

There are many other aspects of the Flydrophobic SD that truly set it apart. Among those are…

  • Stainless Steel hinge pin

  • Lanyard loop for easy portability and carrying

  • Hinge stop keeps keeps the lid of your box from opening too much

  • Entire box is made of durable polycarbonate making it durable and strong, just as all other Tacky Fly Boxes


  • Holds between 66 and 100 flies, depending on size

  • 7″  x  4″  x  1“

  • 8 oz

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