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GT: A Fly Fishers Guide To Giant Trevally by Peter McLeod

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The giant trevally is an apex predator, and the way it operates is nothing less than brutal. These ‘gangsters of the flats’ are like packs of hoodlums marauding across the atolls and shallow estuaries. Hunting for trevally in the harsh environment they inhabit needs a certain resolve. The fly fisher’s first encounter with a giant trevally will be an electri View more...fying experience. A GT can destroy tackle and ego, leaving all in its wake. 

The book is split into two sections, the first being a guide to the species, history, where to find them, tackle and techniques, flies, fighting and release. The second half is dedicated to the different destinations they are found including anecdotal stories written by a collection of the pioneers, guides and experts that know them best.

7.5" x 9.8", 224 pages.


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