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Hatch Iconic Fly Reel Freshwater

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The 3+ is capable of running 3–5 weight lines with ample backing capacity for the occasional whopper that might come along. At first glance you’ll notice this ain’t no dainty trout reel. This little wonder means business.


The 4+ bridges the gap in size and weight between the 3 and 5 plus models. If you’re looking fo View more...r the perfect reel for your 9′ 5 weight rod then look no further. 


We’ve used this workhorse surf fishing in So Cal, light steelheading in Oregon, chucking nasty streamers to ravenous browns in Montana, and stalking bones on the flats in Belize.

Proudly made in Southern California, USA.


Reel Diameter Width Weight Backing Capacity Line Weights
3+ 3.25″ .850″ 4.94oz WF3F-118yd 3-5
4+ 3.425″ .850″ 5.25oz WF4F-120yd 4-6
5+ 3.75″ .904″ 5.94oz WF5F-120yd 5-7


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