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Lamson Centerfire HD Reel

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Do your job. The HD in this reel stands for heavy duty. The Centerfire HD has a complete cage design making it a great Saltwater/Spey reel. Designed as a bullet proof workhorse for your stable of reels, with everything you need and nothing you don’t—turn off your smart phone, check your knots and get to work. Designing Centerfire, we drew from the strongest and most reli View elements from over a quarter century of fly reel production. The frame incorporates our proprietary—IPX8 waterproof rated—Cobalt drag system, burly Power Arm construction and load path reinforcement. The spool maximizes capacity and line retrieval with plenty of porting to dry out after a big day. Add a large fluted drag knob, oversized handle and hard anodize and you can be sure this reel will only clock out when you do.


8 4" 1.10" 7.1 oz 7.8 WF8 250 yds 20#
10 4.35" 1.15" 8.3 oz 9.10 WF10 250 yds 30#
12 4.7" 1.25" 9.5 oz 11.12 WF12 300 yds 30#


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