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Sage Spey II Reel

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Sage’s new SPEY Reels are designed specifically for the anadromous angler, providing an ideal mix of enhanced, modern performance and refined, traditional design. Internally, SPEY Reels utilize a redesigned, sealed, carbon fiber disc and dual-clicker drag system that ensures dependability, eliminates unwarranted spool rotation, and offers exceptional resonance. Mass and ba View more...lance were given equally-high attention in our design process as we updated model sizing to better align with matching Spey rods and we adjusted the location of the reel foot to provide uniform axial balance with the rod. A full-frame design eliminates the possibility of shooting lines slipping between spool and frame and the addition of a machined radius around the reel foot makes for comfortable wrapping of leader, tip, or tippet. Completing the package is a classic and elegant aesthetic of porting and laser engraving that Spey anglers can acknowledge and appreciate.


  • SCS Drag

  • One Revolution Drag Knob With 20 Numbered And 39 Detented Settings

  • Large Arbor For Fast Line Pick-Up

  • Concave, Ported Arbor For Greater Strength And Capacity

  • Machined Aluminum Full Frame Construction

  • Radiused Reel Foot w/ Center-Of-Mass Balance

  • Minimal Porting For Classic Look And Better Counter-Balance

  • Easy Conversion From Left-Hand To Right-Hand Retrieve

  • Neoprene And Embroidered Ballistic Nylon Reel Case

  • Screw Tight Spool Lock With Knurled Lock Nut For Extra Grip



Spey anglers targeting summer-run steelhead, fishing shorter rods, or those interested in the building the lightest-weight system possible will find the 5/6/7 reel size to be their best match. This model is the smallest in the family but is still able to accommodate larger-diameter Skagit and Scandi-style lines.


For anglers who pursue steelhead and salmon in multiple seasons across numerous venues, the 6/7/8 model is the most versatile and matches the widest variety of Spey rods and applications. This model has a large line capacity, powerful drag, and enough mass to balance rods up to 13’6”.


When targeting the largest and strongest anadromous fish on the biggest rivers, drag strength and adequate line capacity become increasingly important. The 8/9/10 size of SPEY Reel is best for Spey anglers in pursuit of Atlantic and Chinook salmon as well as those casting Long Belly Spey lines on 14- and 15-foot rods.

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