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Winston AIR TH Spey

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Available: September 2019

Our new Winston AIR TH rods redefine two-hand casting performance. Utilizing our SuperSilica resin system and Boron technology, these rods are unbelievably light, perfectly balanced, powerful, responsive, and just plain fun to fish.

Featuring a deep loading action with fast recovery rates, AIR TH models are ideal for any ste View more...elhead and salmon fishing application. They showcase adaptive and specified grain windows that are ideal for specific two-hand applications. In addition to the dialed grain windows, AIR TH models utilize smaller diameter grips to give anglers more feel and intuition during the cast.

Whether anglers prefer sustained anchor, touch and go, traditional, or mid belly techniques, Winston AIR TH rods support infinite casting styles, and offer unrivaled feel and performance across any two-hand casting application.

MODELS: 12' 5wt., 11'6" 6wt., 12'6" 6wt., 13'3" 6wt., 12'3" 7wt., 13'3" 7wt., 12'3" 8wt., 13'3" 8wt., 14'6" 8wt., 12'9" 9wt.
ACTION: Medium Fast
GUIDES: Satin finished stripper guide with Silicon Nitride ring. Hard chrome snake guides.
REEL SEAT: Charcoal Gray anodized aluminum, down locking
STORAGE: Premium graphite rod tube with logo rod sock


  • Advanced Boron III technology combined with our proprietary SuperSilica lightweight resin system

  • Extremely light, yet powerful and responsive

  • Deep loading action with a fast recovery rate

  • Standardized rod lengths across multiple grain windows to support any casting style

  • Winston-designed grip for better “feel”

  • Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT

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